A profession is a job that requires specific training and is regulated by certain standards. The American Bar Association has provided leadership in legal ethics through the adoption of professional standards that serve as models of the law governing lawyers since the adoption of the Canons of Professional Ethics in 1908. his #rovides that a #erson, )ould 4e dul( /uali!ed if for the ti*e 4eing he is an Advocate of the, Section $01"3 e*#o)ers the Council of 9egal Education to e;e*#t an(, is a 4od( esta4lished under section 0 of the Council of 9egal Education, In accordance )ith section 01$3 of the Council of 9egal Education Act', 1a3the Chief ustice )ho is also the Chair*an, 143one udge of the Court of A##eal to 4e a##ointed 4( the Chief ustice, 1d3he Attorne(  7eneral or his re#resentative,

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