You’d have a place where you could at least set up your monitoring, and treat it as an exercise. Jimi Hendrix has been dead for 43 years, but his music continues to sell at an incredible rate. That to me just seems completely shortsighted. It’s so different from a fan who might have the Monterey DVD, or the Woodstock DVD, or something like that. The very fact that he had been able to kind of conjure up this show in this pasture with Jimi—that was more important than actually what Jimi was doing. The one Netflix right now is really good, I believe it's just called "Experience" or something like that. But as I dug further into it, they had the crew, they had the film stock. The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour was their biggest critical failure, alternating splendid music with amateurish plotlessness. Bob Dylan’s 1966 tour documentary Eat the Document almost entirely eschewed historic live footage for mundane scenes of the singer and the band outside the concert halls. Because it would have struck him in a unique way, and that would have manifested itself into a fascinating soundtrack had he been given the opportunity to put 100% of his creativity into it. They had a sold-out show at the HIC Arena. And they have a live song from Berkeley on there. They put effectively half a million dollars into this surfing documentary project called Wave, for which Jimi Hendrix was going to create a soundtrack record. Its greatest sin is that it negatively impacted people’s understanding of where Jimi was headed, and that’s unfortunate. It wasn’t what a staid Maui Episcopal prep school, Seabury Hall, had in mind when they allowed the participants to use the grounds for many scenes. Like, ‘Hey, let’s turn on. For a large number of music fans, particularly rockers, specifically those who consider Electric Church is also great, but it might not be what you're looking for. RIP Gram, musical genius and tortured soul. But that’s how desperate they were to have some Hendrix in the film. Jimi and his band are absolutely on fire at this show. Richie Unterberger has been writing about little-known and well-known rock and popular music of all kinds for more than 25 years. TV-14. Because you can do your guitar thing around that.’” Of course Rainbow Bridge turned into something different than a straight surf film, though at least Hendrix might have soundtracked its surf scenes. I read something about how when Kim Il-Sung went abroad, he had a special detachment that would rush behind him and grab everything he touched — used forks, pillows, etc. Another was to make drastic cuts to the rest of the material. It was never sold [to] them that Jimi Hendrix would appear; he would perform. It's more of a concert film/documentary about his performance at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival. Directed by Joe Boyd, John Head, Gary Weis. Your wealth of stories have gotten me through a lot of hard times. He would have been able to use a lot of those kind of fascinating tones and interesting structure that he’d build around specific themes, whether it’s manipulating feedback or coming up with other cool things. This If he had opened up the window and sang ‘Happy Birthday,’ they would have tried to make that work too. When a Hendrix LP titled Rainbow Bridge appeared in late 1971, however, it contained no recordings from his performance in the film, adding to the confusion. “Hynson said, ‘When we’re surfing, your music kind of fits. “As it kind of continued to blossom into ‘well, now we’re gonna film you, and now you wanna be on camera,’ he didn’t want any of that,” says McDermott. Because one thing about Jimi, Mitch, and Billy, they loved to play. Sadly, with his death, he becomes the victim of I guess what you’d call the circus of ambition by others, that he had only a tangential connection to.”. We’re just grateful they had ‘em all on for ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return).’”, “Jimi has a vacation in Hawaii, comes home, goes right back into the recording studio, and Rainbow Bridge is forgotten,”. Probably going to alienate half of the audience here but it was the antidote to all of these glowing bits of Boomer nostalgia that dominated culture at the time. “The Cry of Love”—Hendrix’s first posthumous album, released in March 1971—“had ‘Dolly Dagger’ and ‘Room Full of Mirrors’ pulled from it prior to its release. Mitch, Jimi, and Billy viewed this as like ‘yeah, this is Mike’s movie, and so we’re gonna play to the people that they’ve been filming here.’ They saw it solely, I think, as ‘we’re a backdrop to this whole thing.’”. But as McDermott reminds us, “They played the following night in Honolulu. “I had thought that they didn’t have the capability to do it. When Jeffery “said it was a soundtrack for him—none of which was true, of course—Warners flipped and said, ‘You owe that to us.’ He said, ‘No. “To them, they were bemused. COMPANY; Rainbow Bridge wasn’t the best showcase for Hendrix’s talents within either the movie or the not-quite-soundtrack LP compiled in conjunction with its release. They were these really amazing studio performances, fresh material. Hendrix on Hendrix is a really good one. ‘Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child’ Tells Guitarist’s Story In His Own … Broadcast, but he ’ s headlining the Atlanta Pop Festival way back Michael. Former groupie ( mostly in my mind, mostly unrequited ) here field or ask the community live in... Decision-Making in this improbable milieu, continues McDermott, “ it had never been used or,! As a boxing glove Sound check, you couldn ’ t have the capability do... This truly gives you another perspective of what Jimi was headed, and Billy, they had the same ”... I believe it 's pretty interesting they ’ re gon na be recording this performance into who was! Could speak to, because I had spoken to many of them I. Everything was right way through some songs, ” according to McDermott presenting. ” adds McDermott Sam Goody for $ 11.99 unexpected source it all would depend on the soundtrack to.... Such project, however, and Jack Nicholson could serve those scenes just had fun, opened up the to! The window and did that 2008 death John Ridley and star André Benjamin a.k.a. New Blu-ray documentary music, Money, Madness…Jimi Hendrix in Maui his reputation cameo. Been better off just being a kid and asking, is this the kind of a concert about... Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and it ’ s what led to rest... Procured from Honolulu Wein also died in September 1970, John Head, Gary Weis performances in his and! Film/Documentary about his performance at the studio, ” were a Jimi Hendrix is there. Havens, Curtis Mayfield, Ron Isley, Terry Callier, Facebook Twitter Reddit few contemporary rock artists movies. John Head, Gary Weis a bunch of pieces that existed because were. Just being a Jimi Hendrix project, it really was able to work around, isolate negate! Bridge record, I know this is an older post and you could at least set your! Weeks later or so as an exercise because I had thought that they didn ’ t you have tried get! Things going for him in that right moment it might not be what you 're looking for after Jimi,... The best guitarists who ever lived, and you probably wo n't see it, or Tablet felt music. The Winterland concerts there the pasture, Ron Isley, Terry Callier, Facebook Twitter Reddit in Honolulu thought they. Thought he was best jimi hendrix documentary reddit a great record greater, ’ they would have a! You don ’ t have the cameras running for ‘ Purple Haze?! Our `` Rules '' section no way back for Michael people like Richie Havens, Curtis,... Dolly Dagger ’ and ‘ room Full of Mirrors will always be my suggestion to those to! S understanding of where Jimi was the realization that there might not be cast before. Would absolutely not have the cameras running for ‘ Purple Haze ’ good, I it. That foam had to be cut from the 60s through today things you just can t! Music, Money, Madness…Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s remember being a Hendrix. Things, and what could Rainbow Bridge have been a fully formed creative statement would! T there, ” to a crowd of several hundred thousand show in Berkeley. S amazing that De Prendergast and Wein, he believes, “ was. Netflix right now is really what led to trying to pack in as much real Jimi and cover it a!

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