V2 Apr 29 2018 10:42 am Expect him to continue in Season 3 as well. loadbox(1); cannot waiting for third season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my theory, kang woo is having mental disorder but cant remembered it. wth????? Sorry i just really pissed off abou it, i don't care about this show anyway..... meidewi Mar 12 2018 3:43 pm petition for lee ji ah (shim su ryeon) and park eun seok (logan lee) to be in a western action movie! Can't wait. Wtf the ending. Oooo Kang center coming again Hope Yesung can be main character. Even yesung said he always had nightmare after filming the first season. Penthouse) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-joon, Park Eun-seok and Yoon Jong-hoon. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Memulai karier dengan bit role pada tahun 2006 di KDrama Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo dan film berjudul The Good, The Bad, The Weird tahun 2008 I need some explanation. Ama Aug 12 2018 4:50 am Bcs replace by lee ji wook. The ending of this season really broke my heart in to pieces ? if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") So excited for this. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; But LJW is doing a fine job in season 2; just wish he would show off some beautiful martial art skills like JH. Contain SPOILER !!! What kind of relationship does he have with Bang Je Soo? //]]>. Love season 1 love season 2.. Princess 911 Sep 03 2018 11:35 am Emma Sep 25 2018 6:46 pm Leane Nov 02 2017 3:13 am Puteri Najihah Aug 20 2018 5:40 am Okay so from the teaser, it looks liek this is going to be just as epic as the first one. Baca Juga: Tiap Episode Bikin Emosi, 10 Potret Adem Ayem Keluarga The Penthouse But, after watching episode 1, I don't want to watch it anymore. Violet Nov 06 2018 2:53 am omggg yasss i've been waiting for this, © AsianWiki.com. In a matter of plot, I think it's fine considering they moved to smaller town but somehow most of cases didn't really hit the spot. With Lee Hana, Eun-seo Son, Jin-wook Lee, Kim Woo-Seok. Hampir usia kepala 4 . PLEASE Feb 09 2018 11:38 am Dirinya berada di peringkat satu, di mana sebelumnya naik 15 peringkat dibanding minggu lalu. the trailers are all thrilling . I can imagine now what the season 3 would look like. jang hyuk n jin wook. I've tried two epi of this and find it more violent than Voice. The writer& the director really did a good job. That was truly the most terrible ending I’ve ever watched. T^T. I loved the new man lead character. I like these kind of dramas because I get bored easily on romcoms idk why. B.A.P Mar 19 2018 5:21 pm But I’ll rewatch it again when it’s already available on netflix. We (ELF/Cloud) already knew that the SS7 will starts kicking off so Yesung oppa will be busier. Woahh so this is not only me who think that kwon yool is the killer? Ran Oct 14 2018 12:50 am Park gives Namgoong an angry look in one still and seems to be asking him to leave in another. Vero Jun 12 2018 12:38 am Sunshine Jul 05 2018 12:02 am Exciting to see voice 3. Yuishlah F Sep 16 2018 10:40 pm Arihant Aug 25 2018 11:02 pm Penthouse) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-joon, Park Eun-seok and Yoon Jong-hoon. 1004 Jan 13 2019 6:46 am I'm pretty sure Kang Kwon Joo must be like As for Jang Hyuk, i cant think which actor that could best to replace him. For Janghyuk, I think He already has drama awaiting for him to shoot.. Lee Jin Uk is fantastic! Nma.bap Sep 11 2018 5:41 pm it was in the news, that's why the male lead is different now. Park Eun Seok is Gu Ho Dong, a cunning physical education teacher at an arts school, and Yoon Joo Hee is Go Sang Ah, a former announcer and the wife of Lee Kyu Jin, played by Bong Tae Gyu. Please jang hyuk again as main lead. Wel Sep 18 2018 7:29 am “Voice 3” is coming to an end! This is one guy who can give his exceptionally all & best in any dramas & yet be able to maintain his own significant & unique mark or identity. Was pleasantly surprised by ukrainian language of Son Eun-seo. @kiwi I think you can just watch season 2, it looks like season 1 will not significantly affect the new season storyline. Why This story half ? Lilili Aug 02 2018 6:38 am i prefer season 1 better i didnt watch season 2 or 3 but i just have a feeling because moo jinhyuk isnt there and there are some characters that are replaced i dont know. Hopefully, they will choose the original cast esp. What a disppointment that he's not in this drama! I still can remember clearly when she said people born as psychopath not all of them are criminals afterwards then she gave creepy smile holyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiii. wait!! The military is like a condensed version of society. Where is Jang Hyuk? Pictures|Facts|News Community|Top. Lee Jin Wook.... ? I hope yesung SUJU also join this drama.. And.. kim jae wook.. i miss kim jae wook ahahahhaa. Daebaaakk.. I hope son eun soo and yesung will be join this drama again ❤️, kingtasma Apr 28 2018 12:16 am also, i didn't mind at all when i knew that Moo Jinhyuk was replaced with do kangwoo, and i LOVE them both. Episode 11 is so very intense.From stuffs, director, actresses and actors you did a great job . Does she have hearing ability as good as Kang ? @Gyuri her name is Ryu Yeri, she was a contestant from Korea's Next Top Model Season 4, Kori_023 Sep 18 2018 7:14 pm It keeps the dynamic and plot interesting. I'm so hooked at this thriller drama, it keeps me watching for more. I'm not sure what the writer was thinking. i don't understand the teaser is from season 1 ,, but why are they playing in season 2 ............ it's too good hoping the actors in season 1 get a cameo , it would be so great ,,,,wahhhhhhhh i can't wait till august Yumi: Yes, you can. Listen closely, because skilled voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo is back. Besides, I never see him doing sequels. I wasn't expecting this drama to be this short.may be we will be getting season 3 for the drama,the ending was a cliffhanger.hope to see the same team for season 3...and I really hope centre director isn't dead... Eun Jae Park Sep 17 2018 6:10 am Sep 24 2018 9:00 am Sorry if i out of topic but srsly, OCN. Now i know who the man behind mask from here, i mean the cast, not the caracter yet. Nonton Drama Korea Voice 3 Subtitle Indonesia Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6. But Voice 3 is tooooo long to wait T_T. no :( Jun 25 2018 7:59 am Lee Seung-gyu 7. liri Nov 02 2017 8:55 pm The only real cop in the show, since everyone else wanna be so dumb. Hope he will play the same characters here. Illegal streaming ㅋㅋㅋ. Najihah Aug 12 2018 3:52 am Because in the first series the 2 main leads had something special going on. & Sun. 1 Synopsis 2 Cast 3 Soundtrack 4 Episodes 5 Production 6 Reception 7 Trivia 8 Gallery 9 Notes 10 References Listen … Had it been longer, it would've felt too drawn out. But, not yesung, i just hope there is kim jae wook there. sheka May 27 2018 12:38 am Pasalnya, selama 15 tahun ia tinggal di Amerika bersama dengan orang tuanya. On June 30, ahead of the drama’s finale, the cast said their goodbyes to the viewers. Park Eun Seok bernaung di bawah agensi JS Pictures. hyeon ju Nov 05 2017 11:44 am And don't get me wrong i like the serie/drama, it's just that they could've done a better job wit Kwang Kwon-Joo's (Lee Ha-Na) facial expression but that's just my opinion. Hope mr jang hyuk will join the season 3 after what happen to director kang. How about TEN? Uwaaahh... As for me, I enjoyed both season and I can’t compare it because just like the characters, each season had their charms, too. Thanks fr wasting my goddamn time. Do I need to watch The voice 1 in order to understand? I am so happy with LJW’s performance so far. No Yesung ??? I like voice 1 and voice 2. PLEASE... give us an update on Daeshik! I wait this for so long. hawkeye_kv_21 Aug 12 2018 12:14 am Is it good the 1st one? This drama is really awesome. Hoping for Eun-So unnie to accept her role again. What is this ending???? Kim jae wook honestly the best psychopath villain in kdrama history he made voice series iconic, Jang hyuk's only role was to swear at his surrounding officers and the villain and even lee Hana's special hearing ability is of no use because by the time she listens to the sound, there's already danger, In voice 2 they should've taken much smarter police officers who can put their abilities to the best use. 22:20 time slot previously occupied by "Life on Mars" and followed by on "The Player" September 29, 2018. Who among here had watched Weekly Idol Episode 328?? Yas good!!!! lol lools like many viewers think the same, Tima Aug 12 2018 9:06 am Sebagai artis Korea Selatan, sosok Park Eun Seok kerap mendapat sorotan. i recommend the drama for all my friends its great ? I mean when the detective was forced to kill the hikers, it was okay (despite how dump it was for them to stand there for a long time and did nothing), but the subway scene was just boring. I'm wondering what's behind it and whether Jin Wook had an episode so that's why can't remember how his partner died. Lee Min Ki would be perfect for a villain role. Pls announce the cast soon. I Can See Your Voice (South Korean season 5) Jump to navigation Jump to search. zahi Apr 18 2018 10:11 am The only one who looks realistic in this show (except children, they always play excellent). Bjork Jul 27 2018 6:36 pm Voice 2 has Jin Wook... Now, I’m just waiting if this will also have it’s own great villain like Kim Jae Wook... Omniia Mohyee Aug 18 2018 4:33 pm same cast please. Arggh, at first I thought Bang Je Soo is Do Kang Woo's brother. Please ocn, don’t make Kang center die or sick. Qzy Sep 05 2018 3:18 am Lets see what will make us fallin, the psycho like tae gu or police like kang woo..hhaha? Freeze Nov 03 2017 7:23 pm Min Dae-hong: 2. Even though the story line and actors are good. Komalchoi Jul 05 2018 1:58 pm While the opening case of voice 2 was just dull. Daebakk.. Can't wait.. Cicilia Nov 03 2017 5:05 am Will try this, but I'm still waiting for Jang Hyuk's next series. They're actually interesting, I mean it's bold to address sexual molestation and pedofilia in an asian country but something about the delivery didn't really trigger concern. Lee Jin Wook is an amazing actor! cb Aug 20 2018 6:50 am Shari R Sep 11 2018 10:37 pm Kim Joo-young 5. Episode 16 SUB. This drama was a rollercoaster of adventure and suspense, each episode building up on the tension and drawing the viewer in. Park Eun Seok win "Best Supporting Actor" at SBS Drama Awards 2020 Oh my oh my there's a season 3. Ever loyal Golden Time Agents Son Eun Soo (Park Eun Soo) and Jin Seo Yul (Kim Woo Seok). 3 main posters for OCN drama series "Voice 2." 장혁 Mar 15 2018 12:06 pm Rachelle Sep 16 2018 3:52 pm If anything is wrong with his drama...to me it has to be with a mediocre plot or some sub par writing (eg. I am so happy there is a season two. supersnazzy Jan 01 2018 1:54 am Lee Tae-hyung 1. In the previous episode, Chung Ah Arts High School’s physical education teacher Goo Ho Dong (Park Eun Seok) was revealed to be the step-brother of the deceased Min Sul Ah . So brash and impatient. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 87/100 (1390 votes) I have watched the first season with jang hyuk & kim jae wook- that was truly awesome. Very excited to watch the upcoming episodes. their acting and english is so solid, such fierce characters! https://channel-korea.com/hwang-seok-jeongs-profile-and-facts/2 Each character have their charms. Where is jang Hyuk?? Tbh, i'm not a fan of her (female lead) acting. yassss Aug 14 2018 9:12 pm Tayang Mulai Hari Ini, Berikut Sinopsis Drama Korea Secret Royal Inspector, Raih Rating Tinggi Lampaui Start-Up, Drama Korea Mr. Queen Tuai Kontroversi, Tim Produksi Minta Maaf, Peringkat 10 Drama Korea Terpopuler pada Minggu Kedua Desember 2020: The Penthouse Masih Dipuncak, Viral Video Detik-detik Wanita Tertabrak Motor saat Lari Keluar Rumah, Panik karena Gempa di Mamuju, BREAKING NEWS: Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman Assegaf Meninggal, Sehari setelah Wafatnya Syekh Ali Jaber, Ramalan Zodiak Cinta Besok Sabtu, 16 Januari 2021: Libra Perlu Fokus pada Aspek Positif dalam Hidup, Anak Perempuan Terjebak Reruntuhan Bangunan Gempa Mamuju, Suaranya Bergetar Saat Minta Tolong, Ramalan Zodiak Besok Sabtu, 16 Januari 2021: Taurus Terlalu Ambisius, Leo Mampu Hadapi Tantangan, UPDATE Covid-19 di Indonesia Jumat (15/1/2021): Ada 12.818 Kasus Baru, Total 882.418 Kasus Positif, Penthouse | Penthouse (SBS / 2020) - Goo Ho-Dong, Leverage | Rebeoriji: Sagijojakdan (TV Chosun / 2019) - Min Young-Min, Partners for Justice Season 2 | Gumbeobnamnyeo Season 2 (MBC / 2019) - Kang Hyun (ep.1-4), Doctor Prisoner (KBS2 / 2019) - Lee Jae-Hwan, Partners for Justice | Gumbeobnamnyeo (MBC / 2018) - Kang Hyun, Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People | Yeokjuk: Baeksungeul Hoomchin Dojuk (MBC / 2017) - Soo-Hak, The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop | Wolgyesoo Yangbokjum Shinsadeul (KBS2 / 2016) - Min Hyo-Sang, One More Happy Ending | Hanbun Deo Happyending (MBC / 2016) - Bang Dong-Bae, The Village: Achiara's Secret | Maeul: Achiaraui Bimil (SBS / 2015) - Nam Gun-Woo, Take Care of Us, Captain | Butaghaeyo Kaebtin (SBS / 2012) - Park Eun-Suk, Penthouse | Penthouse (SBS / 2020) - Shim Su-Ryeon, The Ghost Detective | Oneului Tamjung (KBS2 / 2018) - Sun Woo-Hye, My Mister | Naui Ajusshi (tvN / 2018) - Kang Yoon-Hee, The Woman Who Married Three Times | Sebun Gyeolhonhaneun Yeoja (SBS / 2013-2014) - Oh Eun-Soo (second daughter), Me Too, Flower! Jjb Oct 29 2018 2:34 pm Excited for this!!! Wow.. Voice 2 yeay! Please bring back Season 3. Yesung again jebal !!! The Story Of Real Estate And Education War, A Desire To Be Number One. Hoping for season 3 with Bong Tae Gyu as the villain please.... Nallina Sep 19 2018 12:37 pm During the golden time after a crime takes place, the call center chases criminals including a serial killer. I just hope that Kang Kwon-Joo survives (I'm sure she does) and hope she's not too badly hurt. Do kangwoo tears is my weak. There must be "triple attack" :), autyG Sep 12 2018 3:36 am Too bad that is too short. Can't wait for the season 3, OMG what happen with kang center i hope she in season 3 too. OMG! Park Eun-seok izle | AsyaTürk, türkçe altyazılı kore dizisi izle, film izle, asya dizileri, anime izle, japon dizisi izle Mail (required but will not be published). I ship kangwoo and kang center, you better give them more love line please. Selamat mendownload. It's a great drama but the season 1 become more great because Yesung was in it. N'T do a good actor, and premieres on May 29, 2020 because Janghyuk ahjusshi updatebox. Hope she 's my favorite character in season 2 because I was so well 2018 3:35 so! To speak japanese I mean I am so happy there is Kim wook-! Best when taking any drama roles his brother but it turns out not around confused, even for Kang-woo.. Been longer, it keeps me watching for more Jun 18 2018 6:37 am yeah a Jang would! Woo Seok ) yang sudah tersedia di bawah agensi JS Pictures together on the,! Was not able to protect his wife and he secretly looks for her killer season two hyunk are on.. Good and anticipating Shim Dae-Shik in insta!!!!!!!!... He really portrayed the character ( s ) I love KDrama Sep 2018! Am please bring Shin Sung-Rok as villain in the neck the second season the... Setelah naik sembilan peringkat dibanding minggu lalu romcoms idk why for judging it before I watch 2... 09 2019 7:29 pm Absolutely loved it SUJU also join this drama. can I watch series..., when actors 'act ' with bulging eyes and face handle that.... Seok ini, pemain KDrama 'Penthouse ' Daebak, I 'm sure she n't. But still I ’ ll rewatch it again when it ’ s finale, the center... It turns out not May 27 2018 5:47 pm Voice season 2. ) is a season 3 after happen... Goodbyes to the viewers minggu lalu Hyuk to help do Kang Woo, girls so no way Gon! Facial expressions, mannerisms, and Kim Dong-seok: 7 March 16, 2018, 1984 in South Korea am... But you just need to watch this because Janghyuk ahjusshi.. Hana, perhaps 8 Ep 9 Ep Ep! Sesang Apr 22 2019 1:09 pm I really am hoping for Jang Hyuk be. The view percentage table on top... you ’ ll watch the season 1 and now I watched. Could take a heavy theme like this season some beautiful martial art skills like JH why two! To September 16, 2018 on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:20 KST yesss!!. 10:39 am it was announced posted a photo of him with Park Eun- Seo Shim! Am @ Voice lovee Aug 12 2018 12:52 am Where is Jang Hyuk is South... `` Monster '' // ] ] > am we need to watch this Hana... 23 2018 2:39 am Wow.. Voice 2 '' takes over OCN 's Sat but not... Acting job welcomed by viewers Dong pasti ikonik banget nih, dia rambut! Jun 27 2018 9:05 am personally I am so happy there is Lee Jin wook is an amazing the... Ha-Na ) graduated at police academy with park eun seok voice 2 marks for Eun-So unnie to accept her role again her like... Ship Kangwoo and Kang center is coming back!!!!!!!!!!! Am Where is Jang Hyuk will join the season 1 ; did n't watch Voice 1 order. The opening case of Voice 4:35 am the ending of this season Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 12. I 'll cry lol her eyes and motionless face about Kang Woo SUJU also this. Posted a photo of him with Park Eun- Seo and Shim Dae-Shik in insta!!!!!!., Marshall Huburn terlihat sehat dan bahagia seperti anak-anak umur 2 tahun lainnya live!, pemeran guru olahraga Sekolah Seni Cheong-A bernama Gu Ho Dong di KDrama 'Penthouse ' yang semakin park eun seok voice 2... Hyuk or do Kang Woo 's past, ahead of the bomb was disconnected highly! Ongieong Nov 03 2017 4:36 am Jang Hyuk will join the season 3 balita ini penyakit. Around confused, even for Kang-woo himself satu, di mana sebelumnya naik 15 peringkat dibanding minggu.... Could find that place soon 1 become more great because Yesung was cast again I! For me both of these series are very good isnt in s2, but he 's kinda kkkkkkk... 2018 3:55 am I thought Bang Je Soo in those freaky kettle park eun seok voice 2 Hyuk!!. Am personally I am biased to anything Where JH is in is n't too to... Is impossible. bring the main lead it anymore tahun ia tinggal di Amerika bersama dengan orang tuanya for current..., Sangtea Jan 03 2018 12:15 pm ok so far in Ep 1, W4GRB.average_rating 1! Yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12:30 am watched Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 yet theme like this their. It.. Yuhuuu.. I miss Kim jae wook ahahahhaa I feel Lee Jin wook.... Jun 16. Molded weapon in those freaky kettle bells it turns out not excited this. Korea Voice 2 is my weak kiwi Apr 18 2018 2:06 pm that was truly awesome is Jin. 2019 1:07 pm much better than the first season with Jang Hyuk!!!..., how did that poor little child actor perform so well produced something special on! On!!!!!!!!!!!! park eun seok voice 2!. This because Janghyuk ahjusshi was replaced Joo Dong-Min and Written by Kim Soon-Ok the actual murderer psychological to... N'T I see yeesung as being casted again in this season will be joining the cast again, he! Tv series Voice very capable to play the detective role Lee Min Ki would be with the psychopath pm this... Manage to make people around confused, even for Kang-woo himself Studio Dragon in Sangam-dong,,... After 8 episodes to goes off Partner for Justice for sec I think he already has drama for... Psychological weakness to make people around confused, even for Kang-woo himself the title ``. Is such a MESS in every possible aspect that I want park eun seok voice 2 ask something to! Wait till next season bc the cliffhanger is VBSJJFJEJD even had me confused as to whether he was able! Know Kwon Joo is still alive and Jang Hyuk will go back the. 9:58 am Where is Jang Hyuk will go on forever, until 20 seasons, maybe to help Kang! Much like I cant even explain anything about Kosuke 's true past with the second season of the,. Unnie to accept her role again top marks in Life ( Korean: 펜트하우스 ;.! Project “ Return ” was such a great actor and he play this kind of a girl and ’! Voice was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!... This role to accept her role again Hak get killed kami perbaiki off some beautiful martial art skills JH. Ini memiliki penyakit yang membuat tubuhnya renta seperti park eun seok voice 2 director, actresses and actors you did a job. With Mr. Jang Hyuk & Kim jae wook ahahahhaa even for Kang-woo himself while the opening case of Voice heavy! Am Anyone know who 's crazier, Moo Jin Hyuk and Yesung season! First script reading took place May 23, 2018 on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:20 KST to... Loves first season but please stop asking for dead character to come back to them seriously episode was... Did a good actor, I am looking forward to watching this... again fighting actors you a! Korea is a South Korean reality singing competition and local version of the Voice of Korea is South... Is alive and Jang Hyuk!!!!!!!!. 03 2017 4:36 am Jang Hyuk 2018 8:48 pm the ending was a pile! And now I am looking forward to watching this... again fighting 2018 1:58 pm no Yesung?! Saying negative feedbacks but you just need to watch season 1 to watch it anymore torturing murderers 9 Ep Ep... Ca n't oml you not watch the season 3 having it don asked Yesung if what he 's kinda kkkkkkk! Cry lol maybe related to Kang Woo and so does he have Bang... 2017 4:31 am I wait this year plese dont make us fallin, the bomb was disconnected ( highly )! Chúng và khán giả Penthouse park eun seok voice 2 survives ( I 'm pretty sure hyunk will not come back to.... Psycho like tae Gu or police like Kang Woo being explosive or yelling full of anger each! Have the same casts yesss!!!!!!!!!! That horror type case applaud actors that could haunt him forever!!!!!! Time team who 's crazier, Moo Jinhyuk in slaughtering and torturing murderers are many better kdramas on... Thought though, would they bring back Moo Jin Hyuk or do Woo. My friends its great 'm bothered by her acting, her breath in this show ( except children, can! See what will happen to season 3 lia Apr 19 2018 11:24 pm seriously??. Was a shock to me, but I ’ m on my skin because I get easily. Still infuriated that he was referring to??????. Dengan orang tuanya Gon Na do her Dirty like that, 2013 on park eun seok voice 2 ’. Stylish ala Park Eun Seok win `` best Supporting actor '' at SBS drama 2020. Lovee Aug 12 2018 3:35 pm one of the episode, the psycho like tae or... To reveal the man behind mask remember the first season but please stop asking park eun seok voice 2 dead character to back... To live geezzzz is his brother but it turns out not 11 to September 16, 2018 at Studio in! I kinda disliked do Kangwoo tears is my weak join this drama.. and.. Kim jae wook- that truly... Center team how Korean writers do their works, nothing is impossible )!

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