360 Degrees of Safety in 360 Degrees of VR.

People can only see 114° of the visual field at a time but behind the wheel, danger happens in 360°. Which means you can’t catch it all. Nissan’s Safety Shield can, because it sees in 360°.

To show you how, we created a battle that pits you against the greatest threat in the Star Wars universe, The Galactic Empire, in a 360-degree simulation inspired by ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY. That throws danger at you from all sides in full 360, demonstrating that no matter how distracted you might be, this technology can see and alert you to dangers you might miss.

Due to sensitivity of this project, I cannot show the experience. However, there are some website that show some images and trailer from the experience. Please click the button below to a website to see!

To demonstrate Nissan’s Safety Shield Technology that can detect danger all around you, we created a 360 degree VR experience that throws danger at you from avery angle. Its designed to show you how much you miss and how much safety shield catches.

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