Meet The Machines

Meet the Machines

Speed. Best experienced slow.

The LM P1 Challenger car, the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO, made its world debut before 100 million people in the 2015 Nissan’s Super Bowl Ad. Fans are obsessed with this car, and we extended the Super Bowl spot through an interactive film that showcase the real heroes of the Super Bowl - the cars.

Viewers went inside the TV ad to Meet the Machines at 1000/second, in an ultra-detailed look at the cars of Nissan motorsports. Filming at a high frame-rate on a 72-camera array and 3 Phantom-flex rigs, we blended live action, CGI, sound and visual effects to developed a sequence that can be slowed down, with no loss of definition or visual fidelity. The result, an interactive film of incredible detail regardless of speed where viewers have control over the film’s angle, focus and pace creating an immersive experience that lives well beyond the TV spot.

Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

In the mobile experience users were able to pinch and zoom to advance the interactive video or visit the gallery filled with exclusive content about the machines in the experience.

Auto Show

Auto Show

At the LA Auto Show users were able to control the speed using their hands. Users would be able to hold up their hand and move it right or left to speed up or slow down the interactive video.

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